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A complete job search program with everything you need to apply and interview with confidence,
make yourself irresistible to employers, and land a great job in record time.

How does Job Search Master Class® work?

  • You’ll get your own private password to join the Job Search Master Class® .
  • All lessons are instantly available, 24/7, with video instruction and “homework” handouts for every lesson.
  • Ask questions any time in our private community and we’ll answer quickly.
  • Complete the interview role-plays as many times as you want. I’ll give you individual feedback, too!

How does Job Search Master Class® work?

  • You’ll get your own private password to join the Job Search Master Class® .
  • All lessons are instantly available, 24/7, with video instruction and “homework” handouts for every lesson.
  • Ask questions any time in our private community and we’ll answer quickly.
  • Complete the interview role-plays as many times as you want. I’ll give you individual feedback, too!





Get 5 core modules, 20 lessons, over 35 checklists, cheat sheets, and templates.
A proven, step-by-step approach to ramp up your job search results and land a position that’s right for you.

I’ve spent 30 years serving as a corporate and small business hiring manager in startups, growth companies, and large corporations, plus 3 years developing, testing, and optimizing the most complete, easy-to-use system for job seekers. This course is the result.

A Complete Blueprint To Get Yourself Hired

Here’s how Job Search Master Class® breaks down.
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Lesson 1: Head On!

Your job search - how important and urgent IS it? Are you fully committed or just thinking about it? With the right step-by-step instruction, and your full commitment, you will be successful. First, you need to get your head screwed on straight. I’m not a psychologist and, frankly, motivational “pep talks” did not help me when I hit the job search blues (multiple times). But having a bad attitude can hurt your efforts and being positive will definitely make a difference. Clear and effective solutions are just ahead!

Lesson 2: Odds Game

Even the most organized, driven, and focused job seekers are not truly playing “the odds game.” You may think you are juggling multiple job opportunities at the same time, but you’re really not. You’ll learn how to manage 10 “active” job opportunities at once and get closure on each one. This lesson will energize your job search and when you wake up every morning, you’ll have a lot to do: research, preparation, applications, follow-up, and so much more.

Lesson 3: Goal-Setting

Fire, ready, aim! Right? No, wrong! The stress of job searching can make us desperate and anxious, which leads to R.A.A., or Random Acts of Application. The first key to a successful job search is knowing precisely what you are searching for. Common sense, right? Then why do most job seekers skip this part and feel better about just plain old random searching? In this lesson you’ll learn how to answer the key question, “What are you looking for?” And, you will learn how to find the right jobs to apply to with greater odds of success.

Lesson 3: Goal-Setting

Fire, ready, aim! Right? No, wrong! The stress of job searching can make us desperate and anxious, which leads to R.A.A., or Random Acts of Application. The first key to a successful job search is knowing precisely what you are searching for. Common sense, right? Then why do most job seekers skip this part and feel better about just plain old random searching? In this lesson you’ll learn how to answer the key question, “What are you looking for?” And, you will learn how to find the right jobs to apply to with greater odds of success.

Lesson 1: Tracking Tool

Like most job seekers, you probably don’t have everything for your job search all in one place. Sure, you have some yellow sticky notes handy, some “favorites” stored in your browser, and assorted files on your hard drive, but that’s not organization! In this lesson, you’ll get your job search “system” in meticulous order. Then you’ll never miss a follow-up step, forget to send a thank you note, or miss out on applying for a terrific job you saw posted last week. We all would love to believe that we could remember all the tasks for our important job search. I hate to break it to you: it’s just not possible. Especially once you have 10 unique job opportunities pending at the same time!

Lesson 2: Job Sources

“There just aren’t any jobs out there; I’ve looked.” I promise you there are! Now that you have completed the goal-setting steps and your Goal Profile Worksheet, I’ll show you how to “re-boot” and be much more effective in your search for possible job opportunities. Remember, you’re not going to apply for any jobs just yet; we still have work to do before you can submit an application! There are more sources online than time in a day. I’ll give you a vast array of resources and show you a unique way to “window shop” for amazing opportunities. Then we’ll review what it is that makes one job “right” to apply to and talk about how to pass on others.

Lesson 3: Social Media

Regardless of your age, you simply can’t ignore social media as a required job search tool. And there are brand new ways to use social media to improve and speed up your job search. “Social recruiting” is evolving rapidly and you need to jump in NOW! I hate to tell you, your competition is already there. Social media is another element of your job search “mix” and you’ll learn how to prioritize the tools you’ll use and to execute brilliantly. You need to be found by companies and recruiters, you want to find hiring managers and recruiters, and you need to market and sell yourself online.

Lesson 4: LinkedIn

It’s a fact: if you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist. And using LinkedIn is so much more than having a good profile. I’ll teach you how to be active on LinkedIn and how to use it most effectively for your job search… all without paying for the “Premium” services. This lesson focuses on the power of LinkedIn for you as a Basic (free) user so you can maximize your results. Even if you think you are an advanced user, I can teach you a few new tricks. And if you are a LinkedIn novice, it’s time to get active on this platform. I’ll also clue you in on what LinkedIn is NOT! It doesn’t just go off on its own and work for you while you’re sleeping…

Lesson 5: Research

There are no shortcuts to doing great research! First, you’ll research before applying to a position so you can submit the best application possible and, second, you’ll do deep research to prepare for an interview. In light of the extensive content available on the web, I’m continually shocked at the superficial – or even nonexistent - research done by job seekers. Ok, I confess, I’ve been guilty of the same during some of my job searches. So I’ll teach you the tricks, tips, traps, and tools to do the right level of research, and to retain what you discover for maximum effectiveness.

Lesson 1: Phone & Video

Head’s up! Phone screening and phone interviews are used more and more by hiring companies as a way to save time and money during the recruiting process. What does that mean for you? Well, I’m going to show you! I’ll prepare you to be as amazing on the phone and on video as you are in a face-to-face meeting.

Lesson 2: Email Rules

Email is unequivocally the number one technology you must use brilliantly during your job search. It’s also the number one technology most likely to get you in trouble. Most candidates at one time or another really hurt themselves with their email missteps. Not you! You’ll learn all the critical requirements for job search-related emails, tricks to remember, and mistakes to avoid. At the end of this lesson, you’ll assess your skills and identify the improvements you need to make to be successful.

Lesson 3: Résumé Tips

Whoever invented résumés ought to be exiled! A résumé just doesn't tell the real story about you as a great candidate for the company you are applying to. And a résumé by itself is not going to get you a job. There can be hundreds of applicants for a position, so you need to change your game! I’ll show you how. The result is an easy-to-read and “searchable” document that portrays the best YOU. You’ll get tricks you can implement immediately and tips on the mistakes to avoid. Once you’ve finished your new résumé, you can copy and paste the content into your LinkedIn profile, too.

Lesson 4: Applications

You’re about to learn a radical new way to “win” a job! After you finish this lesson, I never, ever, ever want you to apply with just a résumé again. Not even a résumé and a cover letter! My new approach will dramatically increase your chances to be selected for an interview and prepare you to ace it. This unique presentation is called a “Candidate Packet” and it’s designed to make you relevant to hiring managers and recruiters. After all, they’re the “buyers” and you need to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Lesson 5: Cover Letter

Now about that cover letter… Did you know that most job seekers today, even those with decades of work experience, don’t bother to send a cover letter with their résumé? Shocking! In this lesson, you’ll learn how a well-written, professionally formatted cover letter can help you stand out. You’ll get my template for the perfect cover letter. Then just fill in the blanks! You’ll never send out a naked résumé again.

Lesson 1: Network

I know that you know the majority of jobs are won by some kind of networking. Yet most people feel this is the #1 most awkward, difficult, and humbling aspect of job searching. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, or whether you know thousands of people or dozens, networking for a job is a science and a skill that can be learned. So don’t worry. You can become a pro at this. In this lesson, you’ll build your Networking Plan, learn how to ask for help with a purpose, and always follow up perfectly.

Lesson 2: Cold-Calling

Cold calls can give you chills! I haven’t met one job seeker who is comfortable making cold calls for jobs, sending emails to a perfect stranger, or corresponding with people they aren’t personally connected to. You’ll learn 3 cold-calling scenarios that I recommend you pursue. And, more important, I‘ll give you the scripts and killer tricks that will increase your probability of getting a response and a possible meeting! A great cold-calling strategy combines with the other strategies you’ll develop throughout this Job Search™

Lesson 3: Job-Networking

As you can see, you’re already bringing structure to the chaos that surrounds applying for and networking for each job opportunity. And although it can feel like a waste of time, you do need to go through the company’s preferred application process: the “front door.” Then you immediately need to maneuver through the “back door” by networking around that specific job. I’ll teach you the steps, provide the scripts, and share techniques for brilliant “strategic networking” to secure an interview and get that offer!

Lesson 1: Interview Prep

So how is that last-minute-cramming-for-an-interview working for you? I’ll tell you a secret: you’re not alone. In this lesson you’ll learn how to prepare for all interviews WELL BEFORE you get that great phone call saying, “We want to talk to you.” I’ll debunk those myths about sounding too scripted and teach you a process you’ll use to ACE your phone, video, or face-to-face interviews. You’ll be ready to handle the most commonly asked questions AND you’ll be armed with great questions you can ask them during your interview.

Lesson 2: Day-of Interviews

Now that you are “pre-prepared” for every interview, it’s time to put your skills to the test. You’ll role-play a job-specific interview and I’ll teach you how to WIN that job! I won’t just remind you of the basics; I’ll share what happens on the other side of the table, too. What is the hiring manager looking for? What does he or she want to hear? You’ll learn what to study, what to bring (and not bring!), great tricks to use, and how to avoid horrible mistakes!

Lesson 3: Follow Up

Did you know your follow-up - or lack thereof - can make or break your job search success? In this lesson, you’ll learn the rules and the traps, and new techniques to follow up brilliantly and stand out from the rest. Yes, I know, you’re afraid that you will be a “pest.” But I’m here to show you how to manage your follow up for maximum results and minimum distraction. You’ve come this far; you’re getting interviews; don’t miss out on this important final piece.

And to make sure you really do feel supported and guided every step of the way, you’ll get lifetime access to the Job Search Master Class®.

You’ll also get access to:


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Get prepped for the next wave of interviewing with a one year access to a unique Role-Play Interview Center where you’ll practice what you learn in the course.

Market leader InterviewSteam has partnered with JOB SEARCH MASTER CLASS® to bring you a customized experience and help you ace any interview.

  • 75% of top companies in a recent survey are using some type of video interviewing
  • 69% of companies rate candidate experience as either very or critically important when evaluating strategic areas of talent acquisition.

Will it replace the value of a 1-on-1 mock interview? Nope, but it’s a great place to start.

  • Complete unlimited simulated interviews via InterviewStream. (Way better than the bathroom mirror!)
  • View your responses after completing them, so you’re no longer self-assessing and practicing at the same time.

A true simulation of job interview pressure is nearly impossible, but you might be surprised how effective a pre-recorded video can be.

InterviewStream creates a no-pressure environment to practice interviewing and assess your skills objectively.


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There may be other types of training where you can get by without the support of a group. JOB SEARCH MASTER CLASS® isn’t one of them.

Engaging with other job seekers will help you stay motivated, get ideas, and share victories as you work through the core curriculum.

Join a private community of professionals who are serious about landing their next job — a community that supports each other, connects, asks questions, gets feedback, and offers insights and encouragement in a trusted group setting.

  • Tap into a thriving community for new ideas, insights, and inspiration.
  • Ask questions and quickly troubleshoot any little (or big) challenges. standing in your way.
  • Invite your new band of supporters to join you on LinkedIn and become part of each other’s professional network.

Your daily dip into the JOB SEARCH MASTER CLASS Facebook group will soon be some of the most inspiring and solution-filled moments of your day.


Value $997

If you follow the JOB SEARCH MASTER CLASS® approach, you’re going to get at least one job offer. Maybe more.

Negotiating that offer is your best shot at securing a significant jump in your income.

This step-by-step negotiating approach will help you:

  • Write a strong negotiation letter to send to the hiring team, using a simple template that’s been proven to get results.
  • Show up prepared to make the request, with the confidence to steer the conversation toward the best possible conclusion—more money!
  • Negotiate a 20-30% increase to the total compensation package over the offer amount. (I’ve helped my clients get much more by using the same tools you’ll receive in this bonus.)

You already know that once you’re working for a company, salary increases are modest. The time to go for a sizable increase is before you join a new company.

This formula works. I’ve made hundreds of offers to candidates (and been on the other side of the table myself). These proven techniques will make a big impact on your bottom line.


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Top two concerns I hear from private clients are, “I can’t find jobs in my space,” and, “I haven’t been keeping up my network.”
Easy FIX.Chances are you’re already skimming headlines and reading industry publications. But are you missing the #1 publication you MUST read during and after your job search?

Each of the 40 top cities in the U.S. publishes a weekly Business Journal. I’ll share killer strategies for extracting huge amounts of actionable information to speed up your job search and earn you a more senior position.

From “People on the Move” to networking events, the Book of Lists, and more, business journals are an amazing resource with huge value, right at your fingertips.

What would it be worth to you if…

  • Instead of waking up dreading your job search, you had an easy-to-implement job search plan and woke up motivated and ready to tackle your goals?
  • You had your job search goals nailed, and knew exactly what steps would take you there?
  • You had a long list of hot leads and job opportunities, without trolling the internet for hours to find them?
  • Rather than clicking from blog to blog for job search advice, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, you could follow a single, step-by-step program and get results?
  • You could hit the fast-forward button and get great applications, follow-up scripts, interview excellence, and job offers, in less time?
  • You could beat your job search blues, and feel 100% confident that you’re taking the exact steps that will jump you to the front of the hiring queue?
  • You were juggling multiple job offers for positions you actually want?


A step-by-step process to achieve your job search goals in less time
(without agonizing over job postings for months on end).

Dana has a systematic, pragmatic, and no-nonsense approach to job search. It is a journey that begins with discovering one’s passions and ends with finding a great fit in the right organization in the right role. – New job: Program Manager in a technology company





Job Search Master Class® is for professionals who are COMMITTED to their job search. If you’re only interested in collecting more information to put off doing the REAL work, this course is not for you.

And since my main goal is your success, I’m not afraid to dish out some tough Dana love when it comes to holding you accountable!

Got questions? Here’s what other job seekers are asking.

This program is certainly right for you. Just think of it as learning to play a new sport or a musical instrument; although it’s much more serious, of course. You will learn the fundamentals, the rationale as to why something is done a certain way, and you will be pushed to strive for excellence. More important, you’ll get all of the tools and training you need to be the winning candidate.

The entire course is waiting for you right now. You get to go at your own pace! And because all 5 modules, with over 20 training videos, are accessible the minute you log in to your member area, you don’t need to juggle live events.

I know you’re crazy busy. You may have a full-time job, family responsibilities, care giving for others, and much more. And the last thing I want to do is tack another project on your never-ending to-do list. But here’s the thing – you DO have time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day… but as a job seeker, your job is to maximize the return on every hour spent, and prioritize your activities accordingly. My goal isn’t to add another item to your list, but to show you how the Job Search Master Class™ will speed up your time-to-working, time-to-a-better-job, and more. With a new job waiting, you’ll find the time for this program – and shed those ineffective/less fun activities that are filling up your calendar.

Remember, the goal here is to have every hour you put into learning and implementing the Job Search™ reward you with job opportunities that lead to job offers. I know you’re committed, however time management is important. Here’s what to expect… You will get access to the entire training program from the minute you join. Roughly, there are about 20 hours of training included in the program, broken into bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest. If you want to get your pipeline of opportunities filled quickly, I suggest you spend 3-4 hours a week dedicated to the program. But no worries if that’s too much – you have lifetime access, so go at your own pace!

The strategies you’ll learn in the Job Search Master Class™ are the same ones thousands have used to successfully land their next career moves. This program has helped job searchers of all kinds, from newbie college graduates to mature clients who thought they were “pros” at job search. So while the course DOES assume that this is your first time out, the tips, tricks, tools, and training included will help you avoid plateaus, unlearn obsolete strategies, and arm yourself with a system that is uniquely designed to deliver today’s (and tomorrow’s) successful job search. So many of my clients have said to me, “I have never had to look for a job – I’ve been tapped for each new position.” Others said, “I think I know what to do, but it’s been a while.”

The Job Search Master Class™ is function- and industry-agnostic. Whether your career goals include for-profits, non-profits, startups, or global corporations, or highly specialized, salaried, or hourly positions, this process will work for you. The role of a hiring manager is the same everywhere: identify and hire the best candidate. I designed this process from the perspective of a seasoned hiring manager, to deliver the insights and tools to “win” the job you want.

Bravo for making the decision to change your career aspirations or job status. Your critical question now should be, “How am I going to make myself relevant to a hiring manager since I don’t have a “typical” résumé and I’m competing against other candidates who have different skills?” The Job Search Master Class™ will both teach you how to present yourself as the best candidate for the jobs you will be applying to, and give you the tools and templates you need. Blindly submitting your résumé is not the path to success; this course gives you the map.

I wish I could! I know this process works; I’ve seen it. However, there are so many variables under YOUR control that can affect your likelihood of success. How many hours will you dedicate to your job search? How well are you going to track and follow up on every job opportunity? How many interview role-plays will you do and will you work on correcting some patterns that might be hurting you? The list goes on. Take up the challenge; treat your job search as “Job One” and you can succeed. We’ll celebrate your success and I’ll feature you as a “poster child” – a speedy and successful job seeker – on our members-only Facebook Group.

“Is JOB SEARCH MASTER CLASS® right for me?”


If you can put a big ol’ green checkmark next to any of these boxes, there’s a huge transformation waiting for you on the other side of this training.

  • I’m determined to find the right job, and I’m willing to do what it takes to get hired. (Maybe you haven’t started looking, or maybe you’ve been at it a while with no success.)
  • I’ve never searched for a job before—the jobs have always come to me. (Lucky you! But don’t worry, you’ll get all the hand-holding you need here.)
  • The last time I looked for a job was ages ago. There’s so much new technology now, and I don’t know where to start.
  • I get that “time is money” and I don’t want to waste time doing the wrong things. Every hour counts, so I need to make every application count, too. (Maybe you have a full time job or other commitments and you’re strapped for time.)
  • I’m looking for tools, trackers, and templates to help “project manage” my job search AND capture the attention of hiring companies.
  • I’m ready to take my job search to the next level—no, to the highest level! I’m committed to learning and I want to make the absolute most of this opportunity.

If you can relate to any of the above…

It sounds like you’re serious about finding your best job yet.
Give yourself the best possible shot at achieving your career goals with the most COMPLETE job search course available.

Get started RIGHT NOW with immediate access to






Dana has a systematic, pragmatic, and no-nonsense approach to job search. It is a journey that begins with discovering one’s passions and ends with finding a great fit in the right organization in the right role. – New job: Program Manager in a technology company

Dana Manciagli

Dana Manciagli has been a corporate executive for more than 30 years and has leveraged her employee hiring and management experience into that of author, blogger, keynote speaker, career coach, and global career expert. Her innovative Job Search Master Class® is the world’s leading online curriculum proven to deliver job search results fast.


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I can’t wait to watch you go after your dream job, network with amazing professionals and get the career-changing job search skills you need! – Dana Manciagli, your Job Search Master Class® instructor